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Wanderlust Campers

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Wanderlust Campers Insurance


  1. The Customer may nominate the excess reduction options for insurance coverage of the Vehicle. The excess/bond payable in respect of the Vehicle or any incident shall be in accordance with the insurance package option selected by the Customer at the time of renting and specified in the Rental Agreement and the excess applicable to such option will apply together with the appropriate rate of payment for such option.


  1. All Excess Reduction Options are subject to the provisions and exclusions set out below:
  2. The Customer may purchase and pay the daily rental rate for one of the Excess Reduction Options to reduce the Standard Excess payable by the Customer under WANDERLUST CAMPERS’s cover.
  3. The Customer’s liability is covered by the Excess Reduction Cover as set out in clause 9 to a maximum of $50,000.
  4. The Customer’s liability for damage applies in respect of each separate accident, incident or new damage, not each rental.
  5. This clause 10 does not apply if the Customer rejects Excess Reduction options. If the Customer elects not to use Excess Reduction options, the excess payable by the Customer is the Standard Excess as per the Rental Agreement and is payable for each and every event involving the Vehicle.


  1. Excess Reduction Cover does not apply in the following events or in respect of the following fees, damages, expenses and/or costs and the Customer will be fully liable for all fees, damages, expenses and/or costs as specified and/or which are associated with the relevant event:
  2. The driver of the Vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or any drug that affects their ability to drive the Vehicle.
  3. The Vehicle is in an unsafe or un-roadworthy condition that arose during the Term of Hire and such condition has caused or contributed to the damage or loss, and the Customer or driver of the Vehicle was aware or ought to have been aware of the unsafe or un-roadworthy condition of the Vehicle.
  4. The Vehicle is driven by any person not identified as an Authorised Driver in the Rental Agreement.
  5. The Vehicle is damaged as a result of submersion in water, including as a result of crossing creeks, rivers, flooded fords, salt water or on beaches, driving through low plain flooded areas or if there was a reasonably foreseeable risk of the Vehicle’s submersion in water (for example, while parked in a below ground parking garage).
  6. The Vehicle is used in any off road conditions. Off road conditions include: fire trails, beaches, sand, gravel tracks, fields or paddocks. 
  7. The Vehicle is driven when a warning light appears or where the coolant temperature gauge enters a red zone (High).
  8. The use of roof racks and snow chains on the Vehicle where such roof racks or snow chains have not been hired through WANDERLUST CAMPERS.
  9. The costs to replace keys which have been lost, broken or damaged, the cost of retrieval of keys which have been locked inside a Vehicle
  10. All costs as a result of breakages, loss, theft or defacement of the Vehicle’s interior caused by or contributed to by the Customer, any Authorised Driver, and any person the Customer permits or allows to drive the Vehicle, any invitee of the Customer or any passenger in the Vehicle.
  11. Reduced Excess Reduction options do not cover any theft or attempted theft of the Vehicle or its contents. Loss of or damage to personal belongings, WANDERLUST CAMPERS recommends the Customer does not leave valuables in the Vehicle and WANDERLUST CAMPERS strongly recommends that the Customer ensures they take out the highest level of travel insurance.
  12. All damage and costs caused by or in connection with reckless conduct or wilful misconduct of the Customer or an Authorised Driver or any invitee of the Customer or passenger in the Vehicle. For example, Excess Reduction options do not apply in connection with any incidents involving sitting or standing on the bonnet, boot or roof of the Vehicle or propelling an object from the Vehicle.
  13. If the Vehicle is wilfully or recklessly damaged or is lost as the result of the wilful or reckless actions of the Customer or an Authorised Driver or any invitee of the Customer or passenger in the Vehicle (Note: Wilful or reckless damage includes fire, any punctures or damage to tyres or rims caused by or contributed to by the Customer, any Authorised Driver, any person the Customer permits or allows to drive the Vehicle, any invitee of the Customer or any passenger in the Vehicle, burning out a clutch and any damage arising from using the Vehicle to propel any other vehicle).
  14. Except where WANDERLUST CAMPERS is in breach of this Agreement, the costs relating to delivery of a replacement vehicle required as a result of any of the exclusions listed in this clause 11.
  15. The use of the incorrect fuel type (i.e. Petrol or Diesel).
  16. The retrieval or recovery of a Vehicle which has become bogged or immobile. Any towing required for the Vehicle must be authorised by WANDERLUST CAMPERS prior to the towing taking place.
  17. If the Vehicle is involved in a single vehicle rollover or the roof of the Vehicle is damaged as a result of any single vehicle incident or accident, regardless of any excess reduction chosen by the Customer, the Customer must pay WANDERLUST CAMPERS and is responsible to WANDERLUST CAMPERS for all costs and damages arising in respect of such rollover, incident or accident. The Customer’s liability under this clause limited to an amount of $5,000. For the purposes of these terms and conditions a single vehicle “rollover” includes any incident or accident where the Vehicle has rolled, tipped or fallen over and this has caused damage to the Vehicle, including to the roof and/or sides of the Vehicle.
  18. The Vehicle is operated in any race, speed test, rally or contest or the Vehicle is used for the purpose of reward (for example, as a taxi or courier vehicle). Any driver license test.
  19. The Vehicle is driven by any person who at the time when that person drives the Vehicle is disqualified from holding or has never held a driver’s licence appropriate for that Vehicle.
  20. The vehicle is operated on any of the following roads: Ninety Mile Beach (Northland), Ball Hutt Road (Mt Cook), Skippers Road (Queenstown)
  21. The Vehicle is operated outside the Term of Hire or any agreed extension of that term.
  22. If a driver of the Vehicle is convicted of any driving offence under New Zealand law where the Vehicle, property or any other vehicle is damaged in circumstances which are illegal in New Zealand.
  23. It is agreed between WANDERLUST CAMPERS and the customer that section 11 of the Insurance Law Reform Act 1977 shall apply with respect to the above exclusions as if this clause constitutes a contract of insurance.
  24. If the Vehicle is loaded or is being loaded in excess of the manufacturer’s specifications.

12. BOND

  1. If excess Reduction Option has been chosen, the excess/Bond is payable by credit card only. Please note the relevant amount will be debited from the Customer’s credit card immediately. The Bond is fully refundable provided the Vehicle is returned on time on the Return Date and to the Return Point, undamaged with a clean interior and with a full fuel tank. For dispute resolution in respect of bonds please refer to clause 24 of this Agreement.
  2. WANDERLUST CAMPERS reserves the right to retain all or part of the excess/Bond for such period as WANDERLUST CAMPERS may determine (acting reasonably) after the Term of Hire to cover the cost of un-notified damage, infringements or damage to third parties or their property. Once a refund is processed by WANDERLUST CAMPERS, it may take five or more business days for the funds to become available.
  3. In the event of a claim, to allow WANDERLUST CAMPERS and/or its insurer to determine who is at fault, the relevant excess amount may be retained by WANDERLUST CAMPERS irrespective of who is at fault and such amount must be paid to WANDERLUST CAMPERS at the time the accident report is completed and not at the expiry of the Term of Hire. The excess will be refunded only if WANDERLUST CAMPERS is successful in recovering the complete cost of the damages from the third party. If WANDERLUST CAMPERS is not successful in recovering the complete cost of the damages from the third party WANDERLUST CAMPERS may retain all or part of the excess/Bond being in respect of such amount of damages that WANDERLUST CAMPERS was not able to recover from the third party provided that WANDERLUST CAMPERS shall not be entitled to retain any amounts to the extent that any damages have been caused by or contributed to by a breach of this agreement or the negligent act, error or omission of WANDERLUST CAMPERS or any of its officers, employees or agents. The Customer acknowledges that third party claims can take many months to resolve.
  4. Where the third party causes damage, the customer is liable for damages as specified in their Rental Agreement. As insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand there is no guarantee that these damages will be recovered, therefore the bond may be banked and not refunded.
  5. In the event of a replacement vehicle being dispatched due to an accident, the applicable excess/Bond will be twice that of the excess/ Bond for the original Vehicle.
  6. In the event that a replacement vehicle is given due to an accident, any Excess Reduction Cover taken is not transferable to the replacement vehicle.
  7. For the purposes of this clause 12, ‘damage’ includes any and all damage to third party property (including vehicle(s), damage to the Vehicle including tyres and windscreens, towing and recovery costs, theft, fire, break-in or vandalism costs and the cost of the daily rental rate for the Vehicle for the period the Vehicle is unavailable for hire by WANDERLUST CAMPERS due to repair.
  8. Where the car has been returned during or outside office hours and the vehicle has undiscovered damage to the windscreen or body that has not been reported or is not covered by the customer’s chosen excess reduction cover, the customer will be charged and contacted summarizing the cost of repairs

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