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Britz Campervan Rentals (Intl)

Britz Rentals is the largest specialised leisure vehicle operator in Australasia, offering the most extensive range of Campervans, giving you the flexibility to choose the right vehicle for your holiday!

The Britz philosophy is simple. If you don't need it, you don't pay for it, ensuring you challenge your boundaries - not your budget!

Britz's slogan is 'no boundaries' and its customers are people who love to get off the beaten track to create their own adventures.

Britz allows benefits to you such as:
- Unlimited kilometres
- Vehicle liability (liability applies)
- 15% GST
- Tourism Radio
- Airport transfer upon vehicle collection and return
- Customer Care 24 hour, 7 days per week road-service helpline (toll free)
- Travel wallet including map of New Zealand with driving tips and travel information
- New Zealand leading attractions map including discounts to iconic tourist attractions

- Plates & bowls
- Cups & glasses
- Knives, forks & spoons
- Bottle/can opener
- Mixing bowls
- Colander
- Toaster
- Saucepans & frying pan
- Cooking utensils
- Chopping board
- Kettle 
- Tea towel

- Dustpan and brush
- Fire Extinguisher
- Bucket & hose
- Broom
- Matches
- Clothes pegs
- Vehicle Operation Guide
- First Aid Kit (to be purchased if opened)


Road trip in mid Apr
Branch: Christchurch Airport
Vehicle: 4 Berth Voyager
By Jacky Siu Hung
Pick Up Procedure / Service    
Overall Rating:   
I appreciate very much the drop off procedure, which was very efficient. However, the pick up procedure consumed us a little bit of time, since we needed to wait after finished watching your...
South Island Trip
Branch: Christchurch Airport
Vehicle: 4 Berth - Explorer
By Gordon
Pick Up Procedure / Service    
Overall Rating:    
Overall we thought the van was great. Plenty of storage space, good sized fridge, easy to cook and wash dishes in. Recommend you put in quite a few hooks though. Places to hang towels, teatowels,...
Easter trip
Branch: Auckland
Vehicle: z4 Berth - Explorer Auto
By Jenny
Pick Up Procedure / Service    
Overall Rating:    
Pick up and drop off efficiency. good service from branch
Wanaka road trip.
Branch: Christchurch Airport
Vehicle: 6 Berth - Frontier
By Paul
Pick Up Procedure / Service     
Overall Rating:    
Great service, good layout, liked the kitchen at the rear. Some anoying faults, the vehicle on the road handled like a bucket of water by far the worst handling van I have hired in 20+ years. Other...
Annual Break
Branch: Auckland Airport
Vehicle: 4 Berth - Explorer
By Brendan
Pick Up Procedure / Service    
Overall Rating:    
Happy with the whole camper experience

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Britz Campervan Rentals (Intl) Insurance

New Zealand legislation provides limited coverage for personal injury. Britz does not accept any liability for personal injuries sustained during the rental, nor for any loss or damage to any personal belongings or property of the customer (or any person or entity related to the customer). Britz strongly recommend that all people travelling in New Zealand take out personal travel insurance.

In the USA a liability is referred to as the “deductible”.

All vehicles are insured for the damage to the vehicle or to the property of a third party. The customer is responsible for the first $5,000 (“the liability”) for the HiTop and the Voyager campervans and $7,500 (“the liability”) for all other campervans of the cost of any damage to third party property or to the rented vehicle, including single vehicle accident (does not include single vehicle roll over), windscreen and tyre damage, towing and recovery costs, theft, fire, break-in or vandalism with the exception of the ‘Exclusions’. This also includes the cost of the daily rental for the period the vehicle is being repaired. In addition to these costs, an administration fee of $60 may apply, per claim. The liability applies in respect of each claim, not rental. The $5,000 or $7,500 liability can be reduced by purchasing the Liability Reduction Option or the Britz Inclusive Pack.

Liability Reduction Option
Cost per day                                     Liability reduced to
$45 (maximum charge $2,250)         NIL
When the Liability Reduction Option has been purchased, the hirer will have no liability at all with the exception of the ‘exclusions’.

The maximum public liability is $20,000,000, sub limits may apply. Please note that the maximum public liability may change during the course of the year for which these terms apply.

Where a customer chooses the standard liability option, any damage to their motorhome or any third party property during the hire will need to be paid during the vehicle drop off process. Costs incurred will be calculated and recovered at end of the hire, regardless of any independent cover they may have. Customers choosing a standard liability option will need to allow sufficient time at drop-off to enable a damage inspection.


Liability Deposit
If the Liability Reduction Option or the Britz Inclusive Pack is not taken, the customer must pay the Liability Deposit. The Liability Deposit is $5,000 or $7,500 and is applicable regardless if the hirer has purchased private travel insurance.

The customer must provide a valid credit card to pay the Liability Deposit and the amount will be debited to the customer’s credit card on the day of vehicle collection. The credit card holder must be present and able to sign for the Liability Deposit upon vehicle collection. The credit card holder is jointly and severally liable for any damage to the rental vehicle. Any type of pre-paid travel card is not acceptable as a means to provide a Liability Deposit.

The Liability Deposit is subject to a 3.1% credit card administration fee in addition to the Liability Deposit amount when the credit card used is either a Visa or MasterCard, or 4.6% when the credit card used is American Express. The credit card administration fees are subject to change.

The Liability Deposit is fully refundable, including the credit card surcharge, if the card used to provide the Liability Deposit is a Visa or MasterCard credit card, provided the Vehicle is returned undamaged. Britz recommend that customers use a Visa or MasterCard credit card for the Liability Deposit, as the credit card administration fee that applies when using American Express is not refundable.

The Liability Reduction Option will not apply and the customer is responsible for all costs arising out of, or incurred in connection with:
1. Any damage caused by wilful misconduct (e.g. sitting or standing on the bonnet or roof of the vehicle) or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or negligence.
2. Any loss or damage to personal belongings or property of the customer (or any person or entity related to the customer). Britz recommends the customer does not leave valuables in the vehicle and that they take out personal travel insurance.
3. Any damage where the customer is charged by local authorities for being careless, showing gross negligence or wilfulness in failing to abide by the local road rules.
4. Retrieving or recovering a vehicle, which may include, but is not limited to a vehicle that has become bogged, submerged, caught, trapped, stuck or restricted in anyway and/or has been abandoned, in each case in circumstances within the control of the customer.
5. Replacing keys, which have been lost or stolen, or retrieval of keys which have been locked in a vehicle.
6. Overhead and underbody damage to the vehicle however caused, except where Liability Reduction Option or the Britz Inclusive Pack has been purchased.
7. Any single vehicle rollover except where the Britz Inclusive Pack has been purchased.
8. Damage caused to the vehicle because total load (kg) has exceeded recommended load as stated in vehicle manual. Vehicles are not to be used for the purpose of transporting and haulage of goods other than what might be reasonably expected of a leisure rental.
9. Damage caused by drivers not identified on the rental agreement and/or drivers whose licence has been cancelled or suspended and/or drivers who have a licence that is classified as a learners or probationary licence.
10. Any damage caused to the vehicle due to the use of snow chains.
11. Any damage associated with the incorrect use of fuel (fuel being diesel or petrol), which includes Bio-Diesel which should not be used, or water or other contamination of fuel.
12. Any water related damage which includes, but is not limited to, vehicle submersion, contact with salt water, creek or river crossings, driving through flooded areas and beach driving.
13. The vehicle rented may only be used to carry the maximum number of passengers as dictated by the vehicle type. If more passengers are carried than what is allowed Britz does not accept any liability.

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