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Lucky Rentals

A camper van holiday is the best way to experience New Zealand – and the cheapest. Hire a camper van or motorhome with Lucky Rentals and have a New Zealand adventure that you will remember for a lifetime.

Our experienced team will make sure you get the best value camper for your time in New Zealand. You can just sit back and get ready to enjoy New Zealand.

We believe that lucky Rentals offers the best value value 3 berth camper van in New Zealand. How come? We just can. We specialise in Diesel and Automatic 3 berth camper vans which mean you can have a cheap and budget holiday with Lucky Rentals!


Autumn Road Trip
Branch: Auckland Airport
Vehicle: Lucky Roadie
By Emilie
Pick Up Procedure / Service   
Overall Rating:    
The pick up was a little delayed but that wasn't a problem. The service from the branch was a little rushed but in the end we got all we needed + more so satisfactory. The vehicle did what it had...
Branch: Auckland
Vehicle: Lucky Roadie
By Jan
Pick Up Procedure / Service   
Overall Rating:    
Mobile home away from home
Branch: Auckland
Vehicle: Lucky Roadie
By Clare
Pick Up Procedure / Service   
Overall Rating:   
We arrived late and night and collected our vehicle without any problems having organised after hours pick up prior to leaving Sydney. As well the drop off was quick and easy and we were taken to...
Branch: Auckland
Vehicle: Lucky Roadie
By damon
Pick Up Procedure / Service    
Overall Rating:    
great van. cheapest I could find but went well and very functional.
Branch: Christchurch Airport
Vehicle: Lucky Roadie
By Emily
Pick Up Procedure / Service    
Overall Rating:    
There was a crack on the windscreen, they replaced it when checked which delayed our pickup, but was good that they care about road safety. Everything else was right, and we had a very good trip.

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Lucky Rentals Insurance

Hirer's liability
Lucky Rentals requires a bank pre-authorisation of the excess/bond amount (or a NZ$250 minimum whichever is greater) from the hirer’s credit or debit card.  

The pre-authorisation hold can remain on the cardholder’s account for between ten and thirty business days, depending upon the issuing bank’s policy.

The hirer is liable for all damages to the vehicle. Following the notification of an accident, Lucky Rentals will immediately deduct the pre authorised bond to cover the cost of the repair. The Bond will be refunded when 

  • the hirer was not at fault and a third party has admitted liability or paid for the damages
  • the amount that the hirer was at fault in relation to the damage or the actual costs to repair the damage are known (if less than the bond amount)

The hirer’s liability is covered by the relevant Excess Reduction Option selected up to a maximum of NZ$2,000,000.

The hirer’s personal belongings are not covered by Lucky Rentals.
The hirer is fully liable for any and all damages or costs when:

  • These terms and conditions are breached
  • Negligence or wilful misconduct has occurred
  • Incorrect or contaminated fuel is used (this includes running out of fuel or putting fuel in the water tank or system)
  • The vehicle is used in contravention of any legislation or regulation
  • The hirer breaks or loses the vehicle key(s)
  • The vehicle is damaged due to improper use of campervan components or accessories (such as, but not limited to, gas cookers and snow chains). This includes but not limited to attaching signage, Go Pro mounts, surf boards and bike racks to the vehicle.
  • Any and all costs incurred by mechanical or campervan operational user error issues
  • The hirer takes the vehicle onto a beach or sand
  • The vehicle becomes submerged, flooded, bogged or immobile
  • The hirer does not obey height-restricted areas (such as, but not limited to, car parking buildings) and damage is caused to the hired vehicle
  • The hirer is involved in a single vehicle rollover. This includes, but is not limited to, a vehicle that has rolled, tipped, or fallen over on its side
  • Driving on gravel or unsealed roads (this excludes access roads up to 100m in length, roadworks and roadside rest areas)
  • Retrieving, storing and recovering (or disposing of) the vehicle to the agreed rental location following an accident
  • The hirer has failed to stop and contact Lucky Rentals when a warning light appears on the dashboard
  • The hirer continues to drive the vehicle following the temperature gauge moving in a direction which shows a departure from the normal operating temperature
  • The hirer continues to drive the vehicle after a mechanical breakdown or failure (including an accident) has occurred
  • The hirer, at Lucky Rentals request, does not complete an insurance claim form following an accident
  • The replacement cost of the campervan component provided with the vehicle or hired accessory when not returned or returned in a damaged or nonworking condition 

Excess reduction options
There are three levels of excess reduction options available to the hirer:

The Gambler
Lucky Rentals’ rates include standard vehicle cover with an excess/bond of NZ$2500. i.e There is no extra cost.

On the Fence
The hirer can pay an additional NZ$15 per day (to a maximum of fifty (50) days) and reduce the excess/bond to NZ$1500.

Sure Thing
The hirer can pay an additional NZ$25 per day (to a maximum of fifty (50) days) and reduce the excess/bond to NZ$0. A bank pre-authorisation of NZ$250 will be required.

Sure Thing includes the following:

  • One complete windscreen replacement or multiple windscreen chips
  • Multiple tyre replacement
  • Free extra drivers

All excess reduction options are subject to a minimum period of five (5) days.

Third Party excess reduction is not compulsory in New Zealand and claims can takes months to resolve. For peace of mind, Lucky Rentals recommends the hirer take Sure Thing excess reduction option.

A non-refundable administration fee of NZ$75 will apply in the event of an accident. This is irrespective of whether the hirer or a third party is at fault and will be applicable on a per claim basis.

The hirer will be responsible for all associated costs in retrieving, storing, recovering and disposing the vehicle to the agreed rental location irrespective of whether the accident is the hirer’s fault or a third party. This cost is not covered under any excess reduction option and is in addition to respective excess reduction option levels.

In the event that the costs of all parties involved in the accident and liability is not confirmed before drop off of the vehicle the hirer will be charged the full excess under the rental agreement. The hirer will be refunded any excess payment following confirmation of costs and liability.

If an exchange vehicle is required it is the hirer’s responsibility, and at their cost, to return to the nearest Lucky Rentals depot to collect the exchange vehicle. Prior to the collection of an exchange vehicle the daily rate will still apply and Lucky Rentals accepts no liability for loss of travel days and associated costs. 

Lucky Rentals cannot guarantee an exchange vehicle following an accident. Any exchange vehicle may take up to three (3) days to be available and may not be an identical vehicle. This is irrespective of whether the hirer or third party is at fault.

In the event of an exchange vehicle being required, any excess reduction option purchased is not transferable to the exchange vehicle.

If an exchange vehicle is not required by the hirer no refund for the unused portion of the hire is applicable.

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